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Thanks to check on raw material and to the separate management of different alloys the company Fonderia Moderna Srl can grant traceability and the best quality on surface to our customer.

The main brass, bronze and aluminium alloys used are:

Refined  Brass EN CB753S

UNI 5035 / DIN 1709 G K /CuZn37Pb / BS 1400:1985 DCB3

DZR Brass – EN CB752 S

Cu62 ATD / DIN 50930-3

DZR Brass – EN CB770 S (UBA compliant for EU 4MS drinking water legislation)

Cu62 ATD / DIN 50930-3

DZR Low lead Brass Pb max 0,2% - EN CB752 S

Pb0.2 Cu62 ATD / DIN 50930-6

Refined Brass – EN CB755 S

CuZn39Pb1AlB-B / DIN 50930


CuZn21Si3P-B / CB768 S


Bronze Pb0 – no lead bronze
CuSn4Zn2PS / DIN SPEC 2701:2017-10
Bronze Pb2 – EN CB499K
Aluminium Bronze – EN CC330G
Aluminium Bronze  – EN CC331G
Tin Bronze – EN CC491K
CuSn5Zn5Pb5-B / G-RG5 DIN 1705

Lead free Bronze - UNSC90700

CuSn10 DIN 1714


Aluminium AlSi7Mg – EN AB e AC 42100
UNI EN 1676 e 1706
Aluminium AlSi12Fe – EN AB e AC 44100 (ex DIN 230 D GD AlSi12)
UNI EN 1676 e 1706

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